Capri Consulting is a boutique consulting firm headquartered in Orange County, California.  Specializing in small and medium sized companies, leadership consulting is provided with an appreciation for the bottom line.  From inception to early development, we ensure that ideas are implemented in an efficient, effective, and personal manner.  The primary goal of transformational change is to bring about new and innovative ways of doing things to increase productivity, attitude, and effectiveness.  

Ethics Policy
As the expert consultant, potential conflicts of interest will be communicated promptly.  Projects will be completed in a prompt and professional manner in terms of skill and time.  Confidential information will be safeguarded and not disclosed to any other party, unless specified in writing.  Activities that are in violation with current laws will not be engaged upon nor those that would adversely affect the client.  Furthermore, the ethical standards that are outlined by the Institute of Management Accountants will also be adhered to.